Personal Practice

Practicing yoga has changed my life.

It is over twenty years ago now that I attended my first yoga lesson at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Putney. I can still remember how weak and tense my muscles were. Years of work stress and painful family bereavements had left me anxious, stressed and exhausted. I had neck problems, I wasn’t sleeping well and my mind was frazzled.

It was a joy to learn practicing yoga meant I could stretch away the tension in my body, heal my neck, strengthen my core muscles, lengthen my breath and deeply relax to calm and still my mind.

This is why I love to teach yoga as I know it makes you stronger, calmer and more content.

Yoga Teacher Training

In 2007 I completed my two years Yoga Teacher Training with my yoga master Saraswati, who gave yoga name Ananda. It means bliss or joy: the sense of peacefulness experienced when practicing yoga.

I am a fully insured and registered with the Yoga Alliance to teach all ages and abilities, including pregnant ladies and children. I am a qualified first aider with St John Ambulance.

To broaden experience I have also attended: Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers in 2011, Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson in 2013, Anatomy in Motion with Tim Goullet in 2014 and a Teachers Yoga Retreat with Laura Gilmore in 2015. I practice with Saraswati on a weekly basis to advance my yoga and mindfulness meditation practice.

About Me