About Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, originating in India, it is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. The word yoga is is derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘yuj’, meaning to yoke together, join and unite. When you practice yoga you experience this sense of union, belonging and deep contentment as connect your body and mind, self and universe. 

Everyone can practice yoga.

Hatha yoga postures are gentle yet powerful and the benefits are numerous. 

The flowing yoga sequences and stretching release tension stored deep in the muscles. Holding the yoga postures strengthens and tones muscles, increases bone density and improves balance. Yoga breathing exercises increase lung capacity, energy levels and calm the nervous system.  Relaxation and meditation still the mind and trigger the body to release endorphins, ‘happy hormones’ When our bodies are relaxed we feel good, our immune system is boosted and vital functions like digestion and cell renewal improve helping us fight disease.

Most people say they sleep better and feel more relaxed after practicing yoga.

Yoga teaches us to enjoy the present moment as we learn to still the mind, control the breath and deepen awareness of the body.